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01/06/18 - alimeul - ramsel
Music in Germany from Schütz to Bach : is klassieke muziek voor wie daar van houdt. By Jérôme Lejeune. www.facebook.com/OuthereMusic Total time :10:16:30 After exploring the evolution of Italian and French music in the seventeenth century, Jérôme Lejeune devotes a new volume in his History of Early Music to Germany. During this century in which the Lutheran musical tradition developed further, Germany lived through a particularly enthralling period, bringing the musical world a highly original language, but also assimilating Italian and French models with talent and imagination; all of this unquestionably prepared the way that leads to Johann Sebastian Bach. Aantal discs : 8 CD's Type : CD Genre : Andere Label : RICERCAR Publicatiedatum : 02/11/2017 € 59,99 in de standaard boekhandel en plus minus ongeveer zelfde prijs in andere winkels online .
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